Music, Texts, Photography, Video
Gerard Pape, film and vdeo maker

Visual Music

Gerard Pape's approach to his version of "Visual Music" comes from his use of the video camera as a musical instrument resulting in certain movements, pulsation and vibrato speeds, transformations in time and in space, variable dynamics, sound and image as one integrated entity.

The 15 short "Granular Etudes" of Gerard Pape are special works which truly liberate sound and image at the same time. Pape describes them as "Musical Etudes in the Granulation of Visual and Aural Time."

Gerard Pape started to make his first films in United States in the 1970s being particularly inspired by Stan Brakhage's experimental cinema works. Gerard Pape created his 16mm film "A Symphony of Frustration in Bad Taste" in 1976. He also made music for such experimental videos and 16mm films as "Tantric Transformations 2000" by Anney Bonney (2000) and "Faux Mouvements" by Pip Chodorov (2007). In the experimental video "Where are they now?" by Ana Paula Portilla, Pape recites his poem "Where are they now?" accompanied by sounds composed by Ana-Paula Portilla.

Three Granular Miniatures