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Olga Krashenko, writer

Olga Krashenko was born in 1983 in Kaliningrad. She started to write her first poems being 12 years old and first prose at the age of 14. Her first publication was in the magazine "West of Russia". She is a five-time winner of the literature competition "Young Voices" (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004).

Olga Krashenko was director of the art club "Inspiration" in the House of Culture "Mashinostroitel" from 2000 to 2003. Her palindromes were published by the almanac "Tit" (Perm). Also her works were published by the almanac "Agora" (Kaliningrad) and elsewhere. In 2010 her novel "Eat My Heart" came out in the magazine "REFLECT… КУАДУСЕШЩТ # 35" in the United States. She was also published in magazines and online journals such as "Apocryph" and "Lacanalia".

Olga Krashenko has written more than 30 prose works (novels, stories) together with 3 large collections of her poems. Some of her literary works have been translated into English. She is the author of the books "River of Thoughts. To think is already to sound" (2013) and "Unexisting Music" (2015). Since 2004, she publishes online a blog {"Fragments of Life"} where she writes about her musical and literary activity. She is a member of the writers union "Rodnik" (Kaliningrad).,,,,

List of literature works

I Works translated into english Links
1 book "River of Thoughts. To think is already to sound" Monalbumphoto, Part I, Part II, Part III
2 novella "Person without name", 1st part
3 text "Notation"
4 poem "Audience"
5 poem "Instead of performance"
6 text "Alternative biography"
II Books Links
1 "Несуществующая музыка" Albelli,
2 "Река мыслей. Мыслить - значит, уже звучать" Monalbumphoto,
III Novels and novellas Links
1 Человек без имени
2 Съешь мое сердце
3 Письма в ад
5 За стеклом моего детства
6 Цивилизация "Ы"
IV Selected Stories Links
1 Ашел
2 Копия земной жизни, page 36
3 Мой последний выбор, page 40
4 Живые осколки разбитого кинофильма С
5 Голословности
6 (не)Биография
V Selected Poems Links
1 Озеро мудреца
2 Мысли
3 Затаившись...
4 Несказанное
5 Точка
6 Письмо
7 Эти ноты
8 Песня в старом стиле
9 В поле
10 Публика
11 Монолог неисполнителя
12 Поздравление
13 Зверь
14 О пера
15 Улица унца-унца
16 Объявление о сочинении
17 Вместо исполнения