Music, Texts, Photography, Video

Duo for the Liberation of Sound and Image


We have created a duo of contemporary music which seeks new ways to compose sound and image. Our way to find these new possibilities takes the form of research, creation and performance. Sound and image are liberated by our working with their spatialisation, electro-acoustical/visual transformations and inter-sensory perceptions. Interdisciplinary connections between arts-sciences-philosophy are sought as a theoretical basis for our work.

Since our work is strictly non-commercial, we have no trouble spending the days and months required on our rehearsals and recordings, frequently working sound by sound. Our research, recordings and rehearsals are not limited by the equation: time=money. For purposes of creating the right atmosphere for creation, spiritual and psychological exercises that free the imagination of the performer and the composer are used in order to find the right way to produce the right sound. While our approach may be seen as utopic or unrealistic given today's materialistic world, we critique the so called pragmatic approach which adapts itself to a fundamentally mediocre world which denies the importance of "art for art's sake", for we believe it is better to fall short in seeking the infinite and the impossible rather than to succeed in finding nothing at all new or interesting. We believe in Xenakis' emphasis on the crucial importance of originality in creation and we are always in the process of searching for something new which we can then propose to our public.